Captain’s Kids Nursery

Wednesday 7:00 PM

The Captain’s Kids is our Nursery here at the Wapak Church. Our loving nursery volunteers and staff look forward to caring for your little ones. We provide a safe, loving, and enjoyable environment for your infants & toddlers, while you are in service or are participating in other Ministries.

  1. The Clubhouse will open 15 minutes prior to service.
  2. Please be sure to feed your child prior to checking in.
  3. Be sure your child comes in with a clean diaper and fresh clothes.
  4. Be sure to pack pacifiers and pacifier clips.
  5. Label all cups, bags, and personal belongings.
  6. Be sure to check your child in at the Nursery Desk. You will be issued a security tag matching your child’s id tag. You will need your security tag to pick up your child.
  7. No strollers are permitted into the Clubhouse. They may be folded and placed under the counter on the wall.
  8. Children and scheduled nursery staff are the only ones permitted beyond the Clubhouse door. All of our nursery caregivers are background checked and are cleared to be in the Nursery.
  9. Please keep your cell phone close by, on silent, and check it often. We will use this to contact you in the event you are needed.
  10. Separation anxiety is common at this age and children who are left, may tend to cry, but are often easily distracted within a few minutes. If your child continues to cry and our efforts to comfort them fail beyond 10 minutes, we may send you a message. In this event, parents are welcome to use the parent room located just outside the Clubhouse Nursery.

Thank you for your cooperation and for the privilege of ministering to your children. Our guidelines and policies are meant to make The Clubhouse Nursery as healthy and safe as possible for everyone.

Please help keep our Nursery a safe place. A child with any of the following will not be permitted into the Clubhouse Nursery:

  • Runny nose with colored discharge
  • Colored discharge from eyes
  • Inflamed mouth or throat
  • Coughing / sneezing
  • Chest congestion / labored breathing
  • Diarrhea/ vomiting within last 24 hours
  • Fever- listlessness/ unusual fatigue or irritability/ excessive crying
  • Open sores
  • Contagious diseases such as chicken pox/ pink eye and so forth

If your child is taking antibiotics, they should have received treatment for at least 48 hours before coming to church, even if symptoms are no longer present.

Our nursery policy prohibits any volunteer or staff to administer any type of medication.

We encourage anyone with a heart for children as well as parents of infants and toddlers to serve in the Nursery.

The Clubhouse Nursery offers the opportunity to impact both the children in your care and their families. Clubhouse volunteers are the first smiley faces that  parents and children see. As a volunteer you will get to provide a safe and loving environment.

If you are interested in serving, just ask for the Nursery Coordinator. All volunteers will need to complete an application, be background checked, and should have completed the Growth Track.

Wednesday Little Explorers

Wednesday 7:00 PM

Wednesday Little Explorers is a high-energy group that focuses on learning Bible stories through interactive object lessons, skits, and fun games! This is our younger group in the Big Island for kids age 4 years old to 1st grade.  This group enjoys Bible verse memorization each week through games and group interaction.  If your child isn’t attending this class, they should be!

Wednesday Navigators

Wednesday 7:00 PM

Wednesday Navigators is our older group of kids on Wednesday services in our Big Island. This group is for kids in grades 2nd-5th.  Plan on your kids learning their memory verses, awesome Bible stories and engaging in interactive learning! There are crafts, games, and sometimes cooking! This is a can’t-miss time, and we can’t wait to spend time with your kids!

Sunday Services: 10am
Wednesday Services: 7pm



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