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Spend time with us in prayer each day for the next 21 days.

Sundays – Pray for personal needs (healing, guidance, wisdom, worries, finances, favor, opportunities, listen for God’s voice)
Mondays – Pray for your family (mention family members by name, be specific, take time and pray personally)
Tuesdays – Pray for God’s family (local church, pastors, staff, leadership, board, teachers, volunteers, and members)
Wednesdays – Pray for your community (schools, local businesses, workplace, co-workers, boss, neighbors, etc.)
Thursdays – Pray for our nation (local and national leaders, government, economy, unity, spiritual renewal, and revival)
Fridays – Pray for those in need (helpless, hopeless, hurting, salvation for the spiritual lost, and ministries reaching these)
Saturdays – Pray for the world (advancement of the gospel, persecuted church, social justice issues, and God’s love to be known)