Growth Track events are designed to kickstart your spiritual growth, providing clear and simple “on-ramps” that will challenge you to go farther, faster in your faith. The first 3 Growth Track events are online, the fourth and final Growth Track is LIVE and IN-PERSON.

Growth Track will introduce you to our church, our staff, and help you understand who you are and how you can get involved. We will discuss how to become a member, the basics of the Christian faith, discovering your spiritual gifts, and more.

Lunch and nursery are provided. Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

Take the first step to become a member of the TRIBE!

The TRIBE is people who volunteer to serve. It could be working with kids, students, the elderly, playing music, setting up for an event, being a smiling face and welcoming those coming to church, or volunteering in our community. The TRIBE works together to be the hands and feet of Jesus, showing the love of God to every person.

Growth Track Notes Available at the Welcome Desk.

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Growth Track Notes Available at the Welcome Desk.

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Join us LIVE and IN PERSON
for  Growth Track 401!

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