This Week’s Notes

Sunday, December 11th, 2022 A.D.

December 11th – The Glory Of Christmas: The Star

Current Series

The Glory Of Christmas

November 11th – The Glory Of Christmas: The Plans
November 20th – The Glory Of Christmas: The Spotlight
November 27th – The Glory Of Christmas: The Precedents
December 4th – The Glory Of Christmas: The Responsibility
December 11th – The Glory Of Christmas: The Star

2022 Sermon Series

When You Pray…

October 2nd – When You Pray: Our Father, Holy Is Your Name…
October 9th – When You Pray: Your Kingdom Come, Your Will…
October 16th – When You Pray: Give Us Food Today, Forgive…
October 23rd – When You Pray: Rescue Us, For Your Glory!

Heroes: Joshua

July 24th – Heroes: Joshua: Be Strong And Courageous
July 31st – Heroes: Joshua: Crossing The Jordan River
August 7th – Heroes: Joshua: Never Forget
August 14th – Heroes: Joshua: Faith Like Us
August 21st – Heroes: Joshua: Jericho Has Fallen
September 4th – Heroes: Joshua: When The Walls Fall
September 11th – Heroes: Joshua: My Achan Break’n Heart
September 18th – Heroes: Joshua: There’s No “I” In Team, But There Is “A Me”
September 25th – Heroes: Joshua: Before I Go…

2022 Sermon Series

At The Movies

May 29th – At The Movies: Drastic World
June 5th – At The Movies: The Lost World
June 12th – At The Movies: Know Your Boundaries
June 19th – At The Movies: Bringing The Power Back Online
June 26th – At The Movies: Testing The Fences
July 3rd – At The Movies: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

Anxious For Nothing

April 24th – Anxious For Nothing: Worry Doesn’t Work
May 1st – Anxious For Nothing: Breaking Point
May 8th – Anxious For Nothing: Searching For Peace
May 15th – Anxious For Nothing: Sadness Into Joy
May 22nd – Anxious For Nothing: Resting In The Shadow

The Greatest Comeback

April 17th – The Greatest Comeback: There’s Still Hope

Fresh Encounters (Of The Third Person)

February 27th – Fresh Encounters (Of The Third Person): Empowerment
March 6th – Fresh Encounters (Of The Third Person): Courage & Wisdom
March 13th – Fresh Encounters (Of The Third Person): Develop & Mature
March 27th – Fresh Encounters (Of The Third Person): Seeking & Finding
April 3rd – Fresh Encounters (Of The Third Person): Discernment & Clarity
April 10th – Fresh Encounters (Of The Third Person): Anointing


January 8th – 2022 Theme Reveal: 2022 Theme Reveal
January 16th – Recalibrate: Train Your Heart
January 23rd – Recalibrate: Gear Your Thoughts
January 30th – Recalibrate: Affect Your Attitudes
February 6th – Recalibrate: Guide Your Ways
February 13th – Recalibrate: Fight Your Nature

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