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Sunday Morning Series

I don’t know if you have a favorite Bible verse. I have a couple that are my favorites. It’s good to have verses that inspire you. That you hold onto as promises when you pray. Maybe it was one that really spoke to your heart. Maybe it was one that you learned as a kid growing up. It is a good thing to memorize scripture. Sometimes when we learn a verse or verses we miss some of what the writer was saying. Or worse we incorrectly interpret because we didn’t look at the entire context of the passage. Over the next several weeks we have selected just a few verses for us to inspect those surrounding verses.

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Our Theme for 2023

Life was never meant to be lived alone. We need each other. We help each other grow, stay accountable, and mature. We are better, stronger, and more efficient together. But, how do we know what make us…us? And how do we walk together?

Baptism is a way of showing others that you have entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. It symbolizes what took place in your heart at the time of salvation:

  • You have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior;
  • You shared in His death and resurrection, illustrated by going under the water (dead to your old life), then rising again (new life);
  • You were symbolically washed clean and sins were forgiven by His death on the cross.

Because Jesus instructed us to be baptized, baptism is an act of obedience. While it is not necessary for salvation, it demonstrates submission to God. Contact us if you want to learn more.

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Jason & Chase Goss

Lead Pastors

Jason and Chase are passionate about teaching and encouraging people to grow in their personal walk with Christ. They believe the church is so much more than a service on the weekend. It’s about connecting with Jesus, other people, and growing in your faith.

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Sunday Services: 10am
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The Wapak Church
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Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm