Kids Ministry

A Fun And Safe Environment for Kids

At The Wapak Church KidMin, we are passionate about creating an atmosphere where kids experience God in a way they will never forget. Parents have the freedom to worship in the main service while their kids are safe and secure praising God, meeting new friends, and learning God’s Word each week.
When your child goes to class, you can be sure they are in a safe environment while they learn about God’s plan for their life. The Wapak Church KidMin is all about creating memories and building a relationship with God that lasts a lifetime. Service times are Sundays at 9:00am, 11:00am and Wednesdays at 7:00pm.

The Wapak Church KIDMIN

Infants / New Mom's

We have a room specifically designed for new mom's and their infants; complete with changing tables, comfortable seating, and a TV so you won't miss the service.
For our older infants we have a room with toys, rocking chairs, swings, and loving arms.

Birth to Potty-Trained

Designed for kids who just starting their journey of life. Kids get special love and care. Whether it's rocking a chair,  playing with toys, or just some tender loving care.

Potty-Trained to PreK

Our Potty-Trained to PreK class is packed full of excitement! Games, toys, sing-a-long's, Bible Storytime, and even a trip to the playground (weather permitting).

Kindergarden to 5th Grade

For our BIG ISLAND students we have two Kid's Churches. Our kids in Kindergarten to 2nd Grade  meet downstairs, and our kids in 3rd to 5th grades who meet upstairs. 

Sunday Mornings

9:00 am AND 11:00 am

At The Wapak Church KidMin, we are passionate about presenting deep Biblical truth in crazy and creative ways that your kids will love! On Sunday mornings, kids will have a blast making new friends and learning God’s Word from funny skits, wacky games and amazing Bible teaching. With a dynamic mixture of large group and small group times, every Sunday morning is packed with fun interaction and personal connections, creating an atmosphere where kids experience God in a way they never will forget.

Wednesday Nights

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Come join the party on Wednesday Nights at The Wapak Church KidMin- it’s the most important service of the week! While the adults experience the Wednesday night Bible Study our kids learn, play, sing, and use crafts to illustrate and remind themselves of Biblical Truths. Wednesday Nights at The Wapak Church KidMin will impact kids as they learn to apply God’s Word in their everyday lives.


It’s my child’s first time attending The Wapak Church KidMin. How will they know where to go/what to do?

At The Wapak Church KidMin, we LOVE our first time visitors. First time visitors (otherwise known as VIPs) are given a special sticker at check-in to let us know they’ve never been here before. Our staff, teachers and students are trained to look for these stickers and make an extra effort in welcoming, comforting and helping VIPs. From the minute a child arrives at The Wapak Church KidMin to the minute they are picked up to go home, we want to make sure they have the most fun and easy experience possible.

My child is attending a service with a friend/family member who is in a different age group. Can they attend together in the same classroom?

Because our curriculum is adapted in each venue to best fit the age group being taught, we encourage kids to attend the service in their appropriate age venue. However, if a child is uncomfortable attending alone, they may attend service with a friend or family member; we just ask that both children attend the service for the youngest child’s age group. This allows both children to fully understand and engage in the lesson being taught.

Are there any tools provided by The Wapak Church Kids to help parents connect with what their children are learning in church?

Here are three great ways to stay connected to what your child is learning at The Wapak Church KidMin:
  1. Follow us on Facebook! We post weekly devotionals and conversation starters to help you and your child discuss the week’s Bible lesson.
  2. Look for our emails. These emails will give you the details on special events or things you need to know.
  3. Check ot The Wapak Church App. We have a calendar just for kids, plus songs, musicals, and push notifications to help remind you.

As a parent, can I be my child’s classroom teacher?

Many parents are involved with their children in The Wapak Church KidMin, and our team is always excited to welcome new volunteers who love pouring into the lives of their children. If you would like to become more involved, learn more about the steps to becoming a The Wapak Church KidMin volunteer HERE.