For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

We exist to serve others by showing God’s love in practical ways through meeting the needs within our communities and spheres of influence. Simple acts of personal kindness can open hearts to the love of Jesus for both those being served and those serving.

The TRIBE is the community of volunteers that serve here at the Wapak Church. It would not be possible for our church to be successful without having quality volunteers that love God and love people. Anyone can join the TRIBE.
We partner with missionaries around the globe, taking teams of students and adults to build, paint, landscape, repair, and demolish facilities, as well as to evangelize the Good News!
We invest in other ministries and other churches in our community and state so they can help people.
We provide various events for our community so people we love can see, know, and experience Jesus.
We serve the local church. Teaching children, youth, adults. Sharing a friendly smile or a needed hug.
Playing an instrument, opening a door, passing a bucket, changing the songs on the screen.
We serve one another just as Jesus did. Honoring God UPWARD. Growing better INWARD. Loving others OUTWARD.

Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

Getting Involved

Anyone can serve.
Many events it's just a matter of showing up and lending a helping hand.

For those other times:
  • If someone will be working with anyone under the age of 18 a background check is required.
  • We want to help you find the ministry that uniquely fits you!
  • What are you gifts? What do you love?
  • Growth Track is specifically designed to help you figure out WHERE you might fit.

Growth Track

Growth Track is designed to help each person figure out where they might be able to use their talents and gifts.

There are 4 sessions. The first three (3) are online video sessions and the last session is in person and happens each quarter.
  • 101 - Who are we as a church?
  • 201 - Our goals for you.
  • 301 - What are your gifts, personality, and passions.
  • 401 - Putting it all together

Growth Track is required for anyone who wishes to be a member of the church.

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

How do I volunteer with music?

Most events it is just a matter of showing up and lending a hand.
Sometimes we might ask you to sign up - this helps us know who is coming to help and plan accordingly.
Talk to one of our Music Directors. It might require an audition. It also requires faithfulness. Will you show up on time? Will you be consistent? The most important aspect is your heart. It can't be about a performance, it has to be about serving God.

How do I volunteer with kids or students?

When it comes to serving in any area or at any event (Kids, Youth, etc.) that has individuals who are under 18 we require a background check. In some cases it happens annually. This is for the protection of our minors and for those serving. It also is for peace of mind for our parents. A consent form must be filled out and usually the results are available within a week or two at most.

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements.
Please reach out if you still have questions.