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Current Sunday Morning Series

LEvel Up

We all get to the point in our spiritual life where we just go through the motions and never really advance. We get lazy or indifferent and forget the power that Jesus has in our lives when we truly pursue him. So who do we do that? How do we go to the next level in our relationship with Christ? What does it mean to pray with intention, love and serve others, and have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Series: Level Up
Week #2: Moral Excellence

Current Wednesday Night Series


Revelation can be a very misunderstood book. When you properly study it and learn to understand how to read it, it can be very eye-opening and unlock some of the mysteries in the Bible. Join us for a verse-by-verse walk through this exciting book.

This Week

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Series - Endgame: A Study On Revelation
Week #121: Babylon (Part #6)

2024 Sermon Series

Discovering God

Ecclesiastes 8:17 says that no one can discover everything God is doing. This year we want to discover how to bring more honor to the Kingdom of God, discover how to grow more as disciples, and discover how to reach those around us, sharing God's love.

2023 Sermon Series


Life was never meant to be lived alone. We need each other. We help each other grow, stay accountable, and mature. We are better, stronger, and more efficient together.

2022 Sermon Series


Driving a car you make little adjustments to your steering to stay on course. The same is true with the walk of faith. Recalibrating to make sure we are headed in His direction.

2021 Sermon Series

2020 Sermon Series

2020 Foresight

Our Past can lead us to doubt our future. It can cause us to get distracted where God is leading us. We cannot change the past. Forget it and focus on what is ahead.

2019 Sermon Series

Greater Than

Life can be difficult, filled with ups and downs.
Through it all we must remember - God is greater than.

2018 Sermon Series

In All Things

No matter what we are doing, we must represent Christ while we do it. It is not always easy, but those around us need to see the Savior inside of us.